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Our Facilities


Phase I/IIa Capabilities

Our Phase I facility is located within a major Houston hospital. We have a 40-room, 40-bed unit that can  be expanded when needed to as many as 80 beds on a semi-private basis. We have separate exam and phlebotomy rooms and a dedicated staff including a project management team in  Phases I/IIa facility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the ability for a rapid setup and also provide an expedited sample turnaround to facilitate your research needs. Partnering with a hospital provides us with on-site emergency room facilities should the need ever arise.

Phase II/IV Capabilities

The Phase II-IV clinical studies we conduct, focus on quality research as well as patient security and protection. Likewise, our facility’s technologies are only matched by its inviting and comforting atmosphere. Adjacent to our Phase I facility, this research unit is comprised of seven fully-equipped exam rooms, that include a spirometry suite; full x-ray facilities; a locked drug storage room; 10 coordinator offices; six monitoring areas; and a physician charting area.

On-Site Departments

  • Bilingual Spanish Department
  • CORP – Health Fair Community Outreach
  • Dedicated Coordinator Department
  • Dedicated Pharmacist
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing Department
  • Public Relations Department
  • On-Site Recruitment Department
  • Regulatory – 24-hour turn around
  • Separate Data Entry (EDC)