Community Service

Community OutReach Program (CORP)


CORP (Community Outreach Program) is developed to help and serve the underprivileged and underserved communities in Houston and surrounding areas. We at Clinical Trial Network – CORP believe “PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE.” Therefore, our focus has always been assisting people by providing health screening guidance and educating all aspects of health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle improvements. Topics generally include Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart-related issues and other general topics related to healthy living. We do this by conducting Health Fairs, Blood Drives, Lunch n’ Learn and Disease Education Seminars. These programs promote early diagnosis, treatment of disease, health management and maximize the community’s quality of life. Services provided by the Clinical Trial Network, are to educate families on health maintenance and health care resources, offer cholesterol screenings, glucose screenings, bone density testing, blood pressure testing and more, at no cost. Those who aren’t fond of visiting a doctor’s office or can’t afford to, but want to learn more about how to lead a healthy lifestyle can have access to our CORP health fair and have a mini-check up in a relaxed atmosphere. Health fair participants get access to preventative health education and screening services such as cholesterol testing and blood pressure screening. These programs promote early diagnosis and treatment of disease, educate families on health management topics, and maximize the community’s health care resources.