Community Service

Other CORP Events

Blood Drive

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood to save their life.   Each donation can save up to three lives with the help of organizations that hold blood drives like CORP and are held in coordination with regional blood centers.

Clinical Trial Network organizes blood drives twice a year at our offices and we encourage staff and community members to volunteer and donate the Gift of Life.

Lunch & Learn

The concept of “Lunch  & Learn” started with a mind set to train employees during the lunch hour. At Clinical Trial Network, our CORP team members organize community educational seminars and provide free meals to attendees. “Lunch & Learns” are generally held at retirement homes and neighborhood centers all year long. Although “Lunch &  Learn” is a FREE event, advance registration is required.

Many different topics have been addressed but generally the topics include Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Pain Management, and Healthy Living among others,. The goal of Clinical Trial Network’s “Lunch & Learn” seminar is to provide continuing health education to community members on a variation of topics that may affect their health.

Disease Education

A core element in restoring your health and living a better life is through understanding diseases as well as disease-related factors. CORP members work in association with various support groups, medical associations and pharmaceutical companies to help educate the community by providing the latest research and development updates in the health & science industry  by providing educational literature on various medical conditions.