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About Nawab F. Baloch, M.D.

Dr. Baloch received his Doctorate of Medicine in 1994 from the University of Sind, in Sind, Pakistan. In 1998, he started his first company, Medex Group, Inc., which grew from a one-room office to now more than 15 full-time employees and 11 part-time/contract employees. Dr. Baloch then began his second company, Clinical Trial Network (CTN), with three employees in 2004.

One of Dr. Baloch’s greatest achievements has been to keep both companies profitable while simultaneously increasing job opportunities during the challenging economic times. This achievement and the success of both companies can be attributed to the dynamic vision and leadership of Dr. Baloch. While he counts this as one of his largest feats, he is honored for all the awards and achievements CTN has received.

Furthering his education is equally important, and in order to gain a better understanding of modern business practices, Dr. Baloch has completed short-term executive business development programs that include:

  • TUCK School of Business: Minority Business Development School
  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses School
  • Harvard Business School Executive Education

As a passionate member of the community, Dr. Baloch is always actively involved in community work. He is grateful for the country that gave him the opportunity to start a minority-owned company, and is motivated to give back to his community. By partnering with local community clinics, he provides health fairs, offers free blood testing and provides diagnostic testing such as electrocardiograms to the underserved and underprivileged communities. He also participates in many community seminars to bring the most updated medical information to the community and increase awareness about clinical research and a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Baloch prides himself on being fully compliant and proficient with industry mandated guidelines, included but not limited to GCP/ICH, OSHA, and HIPAA.

As the CEO and President of two companies, which have equally seen consistent annual growth, Dr. Baloch’s plans are to continue the expansion of Phase I clinical trials and open affordable family practice clinics throughout the region. His vision for CTN’s future is based on a three-pronged strategy that combines organic growth with expansion into specialty markets such as CNS, Phase I, and pediatrics among others; as well as acquisition to ensure consistent growth.

Dr. Baloch continues to be dedicated to facilitating research one patient at a time with the utmost professionalism, safety and compliance.